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Vintage Garage Antiques is one of the most unique antique shops in the world located in Clarkesville, Georgia. Vintage Garage Antiques is inside of an old textile mill built in the 50s. There are multiple businesses inside of the old mill so to find VGA you’ll head towards the left side of the mill.  All you have to do is head towards the old VW Beetle in the tower. From there you’ll see the main entrance through the HUGE teal doors.

There is another reason why Vintage Garage Antiques is so unique and that is because we’re the only antique shop to also have an amazing automotive museum located inside.  The museum is a 501c3 nonprofit separate from VGA but admission to view the museum is at the VGA counter.  To learn more check out Miles Through Time Automotive Museum.

We do more than just rent space to vendors. We help create an inviting atmosphere for shoppers. We also do a lot of marketing and promotion for our vendors, both online and on social media. Plus, MTT draws thousands of visitors a year who all walk through Vintage Garage Antiques.

We use software to manage all of our sales and this can be monitored by our vendors in real-time either online or using the app. Our payout checks are also accomplished within days after the 3rd of the month.

Our contract is month to month but makes it very clear you know what you have. However, if there are ever any questions we’re always happy to help. We make our vendors and our customers feel appreciated when they visit, which helps keep them coming back.

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