The Ultimate Blue Ridge Parkway Automotive Museum Tour

The Ultimate Blue Ridge Park Way Automotive Museum Tour

Vintage Garage Antiques is located in a neat little town in Northeast Georgia called Clarkesville. All over America, you can find neat little antique shops, some of them might even be quite large.

However, it is only Vintage Garage Antiques that can claim there is also a full-blown automotive museum located inside. 

clarkesville antiques

Miles Through Time Automotive Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit museum located within Vintage Garage Antiques. Tickets for admission are purchased at the front counter of Vintage Garage Antiques. Once admission has been purchased staff will direct visitors to the entrance of the museum.

Once in the museum, you’ll be able to see over 100 years of automotive history on display.  The museum averages around 60 full-size vehicles as well as pedal cars, vintage bicycles, and motorcycles.  There are even planes and trains on display and over 5,000 model cars.

Everything on display has been either loaned or donated to the museum and changes frequently. Having the museum located inside Vintage Garage Antiques has enabled the museum to grow and remain open all year long while also providing additional benefits for visitors.  The vendors at Vintage Garage Antiques also help support the museum.

miles through time automotive museum

There is another benefit to Vintage Garage Antiques and Miles Through Time Automotive Museum.

Many automotive enthusiasts that enjoy spirited driving are well aware of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Even if you don’t have a vehicle to whip around the Blue Ridge Parkway, driving on it is still an experience you don’t want to miss, especially as the leaves begin to change.

You can enter the Blue Ridge Parkway South End just north of Miles Through Time and Vintage Garage Antiques in Cherokee, North Carolina.

blue ridge parkway

The last thing you’d want to do though is get to the Blue Ridge Parkway and then turn around so you might as well drive on it for a little while and head towards another amazing museum called Dales’s Wheels Through Time.

dale's wheels through time

Dale’s Wheels Through Time is mostly motorcycles, but there are also a few cars on display, but the collection which is privately owned is amazing and worth the stop.

From Dale’s Wheels Through Time,  you may be getting tired and the day will be about over. You’ll want to head to Ashville, NC just 45 minutes away.

You can stay at the beautiful Omni Grove Park Inn and in the morning all you have to do is walk across the street and visit the Estes-Winn Antique Car Museum where you will see some beautiful vintage vehicles.


Once you’ve gotten your fill in Ashville, you can head back south to Greer, South Carolina.  In less than an hour and a half, you’ll be at The Ultimate Driving Museum.  This is a BMW museum that changes annually. In 2022 you’ll see the Power of M exhibit. In prior years you may have seen Z Cars or the Genisis exhibit.


When you’re done at the Ultimate Driving Museum, you’ll find yourself very close to Hwy 85 to get you back home quickly. Of course, you can start this tour in either direction depending on where you’re coming from. If you end at Miles Through Time Automotive Museum you can hop right onto Hwy 441 to take you back home.

The Google Map embed below already has all your stops, but feel free to add more and enjoy your trip.  Make sure to visit for more automotive museums to visit.


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