Furniture Consignment

We all have had furniture that for whatever reason we no longer have a use for. With consignment, we are using our resale experience to sell those items for you.

The consignment period is 60 days. One scheduled markdown of 20% after 30 days if the item is still available.

50% of the selling price to be mailed out the following month after the date of sale.

What we take

We are happy to accept Furniture that is Modern, Vintage, Antique, Custom, or Collectible with a timeless sense of style. It is possible we may accept items outside the category of “furniture,” but this would be on a case-by-case based on the item, value, and space available. We can only accept one item at a time.  If you have multiple items available for sale, renting a booth and becoming one of our premium vendors is your best option. 

Picture Evaluations

Email photos to or bring in pictures on your cell phone or digital camera.

We cannot accept furniture consignments without previewing them first. Space is limited and we can only accept items that have a high probability of being purchased.

Acceptance and Scheduling

Acceptance: We will notify you if your item(s) can be accepted and then schedule an appointment with you.

Do you have many items?

If you have more items to sell, consider becoming a vendor and you’ll have an entire booth to create your own store to appeal to visitors.

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